Published on March 31st, 2015 | by Gráinne Ahern


10 signs you’re a shopping addict.

1. You’re number dyslexic but even after several G + T’s you can recite your credit card numbers backwards, hell you can even navigate through the VISA verification programme with relatively little bother.

2. Your phone is your basket. You don’t even need to log in to your shopping site – you have the app babz.

3. You have a separate email address for your online shopping habit – it’s like your own little dirty secret.

4. You’re on first name basis with your postman and postie at work. In fact they’ve stop making eye contact since you lost it with them over your missing shipment (you just forgot to complete the purchase).

5. You’re in denial and you haven’t opened your credit card bill in months. You consider late fees an inconvenient but necessary evil.

6. A trip to Boots is never just for toothpaste and panadol… oh no, it’s a full on splurge.

7. You have to constantly drop in boxes of biscuits to your retired neighbours for taking in your parcels.

8. Secret sales are never a secret for you and you can hazard a guess at the promo codes from magazines, without actually having to buy them.

9. 20% of your time at work is well, work. The other 80 % – Asos anyone?

10.  You’re wardrobe is stuffed – yet you have NOTHING to wear.




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