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Published on March 24th, 2017 | by Gráinne Ahern


Five things you need to own NOW

With Electric Picnic selling out in under 5 minutes (and that’s without the line up even being announced), it’s clear that the country has gone festival mad/ lost the run of itself. It’s the Spring vibes that’s got us all giddy you see, that, and the glut of lovely new clothes that have been popping up on the rails. Its all v. exciting. So even if you’re not planning to haul your arse to some field somewhere, with a hole filled tent and she-pee in tow, you can still get in on the act by looking the business. Read on.

the mac

You don’t have to spend upwards of €100 on a raincoat from uber cool label Rains when New Look have perfectly good dupes for under €50. This one is see through so you don’t have to worry about people not seeing your on fleek festival wear.

514343304D3 £34.99 €44.99 179zl NEWLOOK WK51

mac, €44.99,

the trainers 

Rihanna has been one busy girl. Between gigging nonstop and showmancing Drake, one wonders where she gets the time to design a pair of runners. In all and anyways, Riri (aka one of her design team) somehow did manage to spare a few moments to put pen to pair and sketch a fabulous pair of trainers. They come in this season’s most fetching shades: millenial pink and forrest green. They are sure to be a sell out.

[Note: In case you have been living under a rock and don’t know what Millenial pink is, well here’s a brief overview: It’s actually an umbrella term for all shades of pink, from salmon to peachy. Some say it stemmed from its starring role in Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel . Since then it has grown and grown in popularity owing to a couple of factors. Firstly, pink is no longer the doyenne of girly girls and the late great Barbara Cartland and instead has been embraced across the spectrum of genders. Secondly, its a throw back to more innocent times B.T. (before Trump) and provides heaps of early 90’s nostalgia – bubblegum and juicy couture sweats anyone?


trainers, €160,

the dress

Whether you like it or not the cold shoulder trend is still going strong, the addition of a frill on the neckline over the bust makes it super sweet and sexy, plus it has adjustable straps too. Love it.

penneys_749284 €16

dress, €16,

the scarf

Silk designer, Susannagh Grogan has designed for a variety of clients that include Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Estee Lauder, Mint Velvet & Anthropologie. For the last decade she has been steadily building up her own brand by designing some swoon worthy scarves, and of late has branched out to dresses and wallets. This graphic scarf in on trend pink and red, is stunning hun.

Susannagh_Grogan_-_Pink_Red_and_Grey_Ribbon_Print_Silk_Medium_Scarf_-_High_Res €130

scarf, €130,

the necklace

East is a tricky shop to decipher. I’m not quite sure who shops there but if you keep an eye on their stock it does throw up a gem every now and again. This necklace is cute.

east_752106 €20

necklace, €37,

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