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Five ways …. to look good in photos

The lighting may be perfect, she may be kountoured to hell and back, and her clothes are all designer. Love her or loathe her, KK takes a damn fine photo, and has even released a book on the art of the selfie. Here are some of the inside tricks to taking the perfect pic like Kim.

Be berry clever


A nice berry shade of lippy flatters everyone. Avoid nudes as it will make your face look like an egg, especially under a flash. It can also be detrimental to gnashes, leaving your pearly whites more like pearly frights. We love this shade from Lancôme, which suits one and all.


Shine Lovers Lippie in Fushia in Paris by Lancôme, €26, Brown Thomas

find your light


Isn’t Tyra sick from telling ya? A good model will always find her light. If you are indoors – find the direction of the light and angle your face so it is bathed in luminescence, it will eradicate fine lines and wrinkles and take years off. If you’re outside, make sure it’s at witching hour – an hour after daybreak or an hour before sunset, it’s like having your very own light box.

Neck it


If want to take the perfect head shot, the most important thing is to find your profile. Take a couple of pics of you with your head turned each way (left and right) and see which one you flatters you the most. Once you’ve found your good side try this trick – turn your head slightly away from the camera, keep your neck long and tilt your head down. Your face will look slimmer and you will banish that double chin. Jessica Alba has this down pat and does’t she look gorjus?

Waste away


Everyone who’s ever stood on a red carpet knows this pose.  For the ultimate in tummy trimming, stand facing slightly away from the camera, placing your hands on your hips, then twist at the waist to face the camera. It’s Blake Lively’s go to and will take the pounds off (not that she needs it).

Sparkle baby sparkle

Sparkle is good but you gotta know how to use the force. If you put glitter or shimmer directly on to your face it can highlight fine lines and wrinkles. However, a gentle brushing on your decollate can work wonders.


Strobe cream, €33.50, MAC.

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